Weather In Arillas

  • April … The weather is unpredictable. The days are warm and sunny with temperatures in the 20s but with some rainy days.
  • May … It’s starting to warm up now with temperatures in the mid – late 20s. Rainfall is less likely. It is still quite chilly in the evening. May is a wonderful month to see the colourful wildflowers and the fireflies twinkling in the evenings.
  • June … Hot and dry with an average daytime of 30 degrees.
  • July and August … Hot and dry with temperatures in the 30s, often topping 40 degrees. Evenings are warm.
  • September … Cooling down slightly with temperatures in the 20s.
  • October … Still very pleasant with temperatures in the low 20s but some rain and thunderstorms are likely.
  • Winters … Temperatures rarely drop below 10 degrees. Many rainy days mixed with some sunny days.